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Throwback Thursday: 5 Nigerian songs we miss so much


Guess what, Falconites? It is Throwback Thursday and you know exactly what that means right? Time to reminisce the old days so take out that photo album, chat with that old friend, do that silly thing you did when you were young.

With all the political shits going on this country, entertainment and music is still the only thing keeping us sane in this amazing country. *coughs*. From Dino Maleye's noises to Saraki's trends...this country just keeps getting entertaining day by day but that is not what we are here for, is it?

Now, let us take a little time to remember those songs that  actually made this country worth living and entertaining. These songs were all rocked by both the old and the young, no expectation.

Let us all take a tour. If you do not know any of these songs here, just prostrate whenever you see me...i am not your big sister's mate.

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1. 2baba - African Queen: This song is still the best ever Nigerian song till date. 2face Idibia, as he was formally called, took Nigerian music industry to the next level. This song was rocked by both the old young and probably the dead. It was a brain buster and still makes perfect sense why many people still have this song on their phones.

2. Wizkid - Don't dull: Before Wizkid  became starboy and the weedite we are seeing today. Before the Soco and Manyaness entered him, he sang some pretty decent songs in his days and this is no exception. Don't dull was the song that rocked 2011 and 2012, the opening beats and the call and response in this song were just crazy enough for any sane person to love the song.

3. Olu Maintain - Yahozee:  Again, if you don't know this song, prostrate whenever you see me live and in person. This song promoted yahoo yahoo and we did not know..LOL. Olu Maintain is yet to release any song bigger than this and we don't think he ever will - no offense.

4. P-square - Bizzy Body: The best ever song remix in Nigerian entertainment history. If you don't believe kill yourself (LOL). Rude Boy and Mr P were still the P-Square we all loved so much until they came up with this stupid nicknames we can not even relate with.

5. Mo - Hits - Booty Call: This song took our best record label, Mo Hits all stars to the big stage and brought Wande Coal into limelight. booty call depicted the typical Nigerian American style of music and received positive reviews across the world. Booty call will always be a proof that Mo Hits is still the biggest record label till date.


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