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NNU income program: Easiest way to make N40000 monthly on NNU

NNU income program is the best way to make money online in Nigeria. All you need to do is join and start earning cool cash doing what you already do online. You must have probably been hearing about nnu income program but now you are going to learn how to join and make cool income online by sharing posts and commenting. First let me quickly tell you a little about the nnu income platform.

What is NNU income program?

NNU income is an affiliate/reward program in Nigeria that pays people for reading news. NNU is an acronym for Nigerian News Update. Many people have joined NNU and it still growing daily.
However, there are some important things you must now about NNU.

What is NIP?

NIP is an acronym for NNU Income Pack. It is the package you purchase while signing up for NNU. It enables you to have a part of NNU's income. This is what you buy with N1600.

It is not an assurance that you will become a millionaire but if you do it well, you can change your life
What is NARS?
NARS is an acronym fo NNU Ads Revenue Sharing. This is where they earn their money from and pay you for participating.

How to make money on NNU?

To make money from the income platform is not hard. All you have to do is follow the laid down rules and regulations. Basically, NNU pays you in the following way:
  • N50 per daily logins
  • N2 per reasonable comments you post
  • N100 per shared sponsored post
  • N1000 per referral
From the above, you cans ee that the best way to make money from NNU is by referring people. You automatically get N1000 per person you refer to NNU. But How do you refer that person?

Firstly, you have to register through this link. After registration, make payment using any of the payment options shown to you shown to you.
Coupon: This is for fast approval. You get a coupon code so you get approved fast. For more details, whatsapp 09024525882
Paystack: This allows you to pay directly with your ATM card and get approved. Your approval take takeup to 12 hours

After registration and payment is confirmed, you can now login your dashboard and begin to make yourself some cash.

Some things you should know about NNU

• NNU doesn't always pay you but your payment will be carried over to the next month.
• NNU is a very disciplined organisation. As such, spam comments are not allowed and you can appear in the blacklist. {Yes, they have one.}
• It is not a full time job. It is something you can do in your leisure time.
• Do not drop more than one comment in a post.
• You must not comment on posts older than 24 hours (you might not be credited).
• N350 will be added each day you login. N50 for login, N100 for sponsored posts and N2 per each possible comment for that day.
• You are not limited to reading alone, you can also post your own storied on NNU and get paid.
• Referrals must sign up via your link and purchase must be confirmed before you can be credited.
• You only get one sponsored post daily.

I hope I have made it clear? If you are still interested, you can go ahead and join NNU. Trust me, you won't regret.

You can be using some of the NNU cash to backup your normal income.

How to get more referrals for NNU

Getting referrals for NNU can be a very difficult task especially when you ask them to pay. Due to the level of trust and hold economic hardship in this country, people feel reluctant to invest in any online reward programs but I can assure you NNU is 100% legit. Since referrals ate the easiest ways to get more from NNU, I will show you how to get those referrals.

1. Social media: Billions of people are active on social media (especially Facebook). Create a Facebook page or use any other social media account. After that, search for some parent proofs of NNU on google images. You can easily get them by typing "NNU payment proof".

After that, download some of the images you see and post on your timeline asking people to inbox you for more info. OR You can run some ads with as low as N200 and reach more than 500 Nigerians per day.

Note:_Do not insert your link. Anyone who visits from Facebook or any social media app will not credit you since they don't have cookies. Instead, separate the link with spaces or change "." To "dot" and let them copy and paste._

If the person persists on you signing them up, then clear your cookies and log out from your own account before commencing.

2. Blogging: You can create a free blog that gives information about NNU alone and bag a lot of cash into your account from referrals through SEO. All you have to do is have a well written post of 1000-1500 words about NNU and keep promoting them.
Also offer some contests to the first set of people that sign up from your blog. Logic is all you need.

3. Seminars: Almost everyday,seminars are held in Lagos. You can attend one and meet a lot of people who are ready to invest. Allow them give you dew minutes to talk about NNU and share your thoughts with your audience. After your short speech, ask interested people to call you or contact you.

4. Messenger marketing: This is not yet common in Nigeria but many bloggers are already using it, including me. You simply create a chatbot that automatically replies your audience on messenger when you can't reach them. You can view mine here [m.me/naijafalcon]. With messenger marketing, you can reach so much people at once and gather referrals for your NNU account.

5. Forums: Nairaland, the third biggest forum in the world and largest forum in Africa, is filled with millions of Nigerians who are hungry for Monet. Some are job seekers while some are simply investors. From here, you can create a post and get many people to sign up using your link.

DISCLAIMER: Many people might bypass your referral id so use bitly or goo.ly to shorten your links

You can register for NNU income program here



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