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Saheed Osupa Update His Academic Pursuit At The University of Ibadan.

Saheed Osupa well known as an expert fuji performer has given a feedback on his scholastic interest at the University of Ibadan.

He stunned a large number of his fans around three years back when he enlisted for Political Science at the so called university.

Osupa uncovered how his family took the choice, saying they thought he was kidding.

He stated, “They thought it was a joke. Even my first born who just finished studying at the University of Ilorin called me on my matriculation day, which, coincidentally, was also his convocation day. He jokingly said, “Remember the son of whom you are’, which was what I told him when he first gained admission.”

Osupa included that his need was with his instruction as he had even dropped a few shows since they conflicted with his classe.
He stated,“I enrolled as a regular student. Therefore, I attend classes and sit for exams by myself. I am not even given celebrity treatment when my shows abroad clash with my school’s timetable. I’ve had to refund some money for shows just because they clashed with my classes. I want my education to reflect in my lifestyle.”

On his ongoing hip-fuji collection, he said he received the style in accordance with the music slant in the nation.

“The way hip-hop artists have been moving, I see this as a wheel of change and I have to keep moving with the trend. I want to prove to people that I am dynamic and can do any kind of music.” Osupa included.

The Singer likewise noticed that his future tasks were best minded his own business as uncovering them would imperil his endeavors and jeopardize his ventures.

It is not any more news that the pair of Pasuma and Saheed Osupa were known to be sworn, adversaries. Their contention started decades prior with heaps of contentions originating from their edge.

Be that as it may, Osupa said he never again had any issue with Pasuma or some other individual.


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