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How to pass UNILAG post utme examination

Students often complain that post utme is difficult and so, I have decided to compile my own list of How to pass UNILAG post utme examination. You can also apply this logic to other schools but this post is created based on the experience in UNILAG post UTME exams.

If you have obtained your form and registered, the next thing is to sit for the examination. In this post, i will be your guide and give you some of the key points to successfully write post utme examination and pass well. No matter your score, without a post UTME mark, you can not gain admission into any Nigerian University. The post uitme of UNILAG is starting on 6th of August and it is going to consist of 3 subject which will be done in 30 minutes. The subjects are Mathematics, General paper and English language.

To pass the post UTME, you must study past questions and get familiar with what they will ask. You also need to know the basic rules and follow the right precautions in order not fall victim of circumstance. Below are five tips to successfully pass post utme:
1. Speed: Time is never on your side. Even while writing an examination, the time is always the enemy. You need to work very fast and accurately. Do not waste time reading long questions. Skip all calculations and jump to the easier questions. Try all your best to answer easy questions correctly. You are given 30 minutes for the exam.

2.Follow instructions: Instructions are very important in exams and you must follow them. Post utme is not all about academic intelligence, it also applies life intelligence. You may be tested with instructions and that can contribute to a huge part of your score so try all your best to follow instructions.

3. Get familiar with CBT: Use the knowledge of CBT you got from your Jamb experience. Know how to handle the mouse fast and select the correct answers. If your system shuts down, call the attention of a staff immediately!

Good luck on your exam. I wish you success. You can drop any question in the comment box below.


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