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Game of thrones 8 spoilers: Jon Snow and Night king plot hole revealed

Game of Thrones is nearing its conclusion.
It won't be long before fans know who’s going to sit on the Iron Throne and unite the seven kingdoms of Westeros.

Two of the characters in with a shot of claiming the throne are Jon Snow (played by Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke).
However, in season seven fans saw them team up and it does look as if Jon will put his backing behind Daenerys, also known as the Mother of Dragons.

Season seven saw Jon and several of his close companions come face-to-face with the Night King and his army of the dead.

It was a pretty hairy encounter and neither Jon nor Daenerys didn’t come out of it very well.
Jon found himself in yet another life-threatening battle and Daenerys lost one of her dragons, Viserion, to the Night King.

This now leaves Daenerys with just two dragons left: Drogon and Rhaegal.

However, some fans are questioning why Jon and his comrades didn’t use dragonglass against the White Walkers, which thanks to Samwell Tarly is known to be their only weakness.

Taking to Reddit to comment on the plot hole, user pbuchanan175 wrote: “My question is pertaining to dragonglass.

“During season 7 it was a continued topic but never showed up; although we kept hearing and learning more about its importance.

“We followed Sam and his findings at the citadel and it was also a big factor in Jon meeting Dany; jump to him finding the glass at Dragonstone."
The user continued: “Gendry shows up, but still no weapons were made!

“I’m guessing they will appear in season 8. Who knows. Maybe it’s how they kill the ice dragon. Thankful for any input on this,” the user finished.
There were some theories offered as to why no dragonglass weapons were made

One user replied: “Pretty sure the weapons were being made.
“Jon's company took dragonglass weapons with them north of the Wall after all.
“And they were mining a whole bunch of it to ship back to the North,” they answered.

“It's a plot device,” yet another user offered.
“Assume they're making weapons and have moved onto another plot device.”

“Also, they didn't bring Gendry back to be a weapons maker,” they added.
“Just about every scene he's in they emphasize his lineage. His smithing skills are incidental,” they finished.

Source: express.co.uk


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