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100% LEGIT! Make up to N1000 daily doing simple tasks onlne (READ HERE)

You have probably been hearing about (NIP) nnu income program, and if not, then maybe I should tell you some things about it.

This cool income program can make you huge cash every month.

What is the full meaning of NNU?

NNU is an acronym for Nigerian News Update. It is simply an online platform where Nigerians get the latest news updates from across the country. Just like the BBC is to the Britons – except that NNU actually pays you for reading those news. So those who don’t love politics will surely love it by all means. Who doesn’t want cash?
I have been hearing about NNU income Program for some time but I have not been able to join. I just didn’t have the time to be commenting, sharing and posting everyday but I decided to join few days ago and I’m already enjoying the benefits. One of my reasons for joining is for the cash obviously, but also to get enlightened because NNU posts amazing topics and you get enlightened when you read them.
Especially those that have to deal with our health. One can’t be too safe.

How does NNU work?

NNU is an income program for Nigerians, probably Nigeria’s biggest at the moment. They pay you to perform tasks like commenting, daily logins, sharing sponsored posts and many others. My best part of NNU is the referral program.
Unlike other affiliate programs in Nigeria, NNU actually pays you 65.5% of anybody you refer. So cool, right? The referral will buy the (NIP) NNU income pack which is N1600.
You can use my referral link here. If you do your maths well, you will see that you earn N1000 on anybody you refer. Automatically, you are earning N10000 for 10 people. Some family members may be up to 15 and all want to join NNU with your friends and social media pals. It’s so cool.One of my friends made N130000 from this program alone.

Is NNU legit?

Of course, NNU is 100% legit. You don’t have to worry about being scammed or anything. Just buy your NARS (NNU Ad Revenue Sharing) for N1600 and be bagging cash on 27th of every month.

What is NARS?

NARS is short for NNU Ad Revenue Sharing. As you can see, NNU displays ads on their site for you. They earn a lot from these ads so they share the money with their customers. That simple.

How can I make money in NNU?

On NNU, you can make N1000 or more daily and there are about four different ways of doing that and I will teach you the trick to maximizing your NNU earnings.
Here are the four ways of making money on NNU:
1. Daily logins: Even if you don’t have the time to be promoting, sharing and commenting on posts, at least you can take 30 seconds of your time to login on your NNU account.
You earn N50 and above per login daily. Sometimes it may increase to N350. At least that’s some petty cash. Students can use it to buy course materials and more.
2. Commenting: You also earn some cash for commenting on posts on NNU. You earn N2 per comments. This means there is no limit to what you can earn for commenting on posts on NNU income program. Make sure your comments are real and not some spam my or annoying comments like “wawu, lol, cool, nice, thanks”. Give them good comments about the posts in order not to be added to the blacklist. I don’t think I need to emphasize much on the blacklist. Blacklist is never a good thing anywhere so don’t look forward to it.
3. Sharing sponsored posts: you also earn money for sharing sponsored posts on NNU. Simply login to your NNU account >>my account>>sponsored posts. At the end of each sponsored posts, the show you what to do. Follow the instructions or else your NNU account will not be credited.
4. Referring people: Most people will say “referring friends” but I say referring people. Not everyone you meet on social media are your friends even if social media claim them to be. This is the best way to make money with NNU income program. When you refer people to buy the NARS pack from your link, you automatically gain N1000 for only that person which makes 2 people equals to N2000. To maximize your profit from NNU, you can Go through any of these means I have listed below:
create a micro niche blog about NNU: For this, you don’t have to spend a lot. You just simply go to blogger.com, create a blog and give it any popular keyword related to NNU. You can choose to buy domain if you want. Promote your blog on forums and social media. Easy as ABC. Your blog name can be “NNU tricks, NNU Income Program, My NNU guide, make money from NNU”. Anything you so wish.
Create social media page: If you can’t handle designing, writing articles and promoting blogs, you can as well create your own social media page about NNU. Once this is all set, you can run some ads and promote the page to Nigerians. With this, you can be bagging 45k every month on only referral.
Use twitter: Use twitter hashtags to get the attention of other people finding information about NNU on twitter.
Email: Draft a perfect email and use mail chimp to send to as many people as possible.
Facebook groups: No matter what the group is about, there is always someone who wants to earn a little extra cash. You can promote your NNU referral link on Facebook groups. Create a nice shirt piece eye-catching posts about NNU on Facebook. At the end of the post, add your referral link at the bottom. Make sure you shorten this link in order to prevent people from by passing your username. Some people are naturally wicked. Or you can ask them to inbox you.
Seminars: At seminars, you can take a short period of time to speak to a crowd about NNU. Ask the organizers to grant you some minutes to enlighten people on NNU.
Events and church services: Even at events and church services, you can promote NNU. Give them a brief detailed insight of what NNU is all about. Ask them to see after the church service for your link or information on how to sign up.
Always include your link for them to sign up.
As I discover more ways, I’ll keep updating this post. Until then keep visiting.
Disclaimer: Making money online can be risky. I am not responsible for anyway NNU may act. I only did a review based on the few experiences I have had.

How to easily sign up for NNU income program

Follow the step below to easily sign up for NNU:
1. Click here to register
2. After your registration, buy the NIP pack for N1600. This can be done online or you can use the bank details provided to you.
3. As easy as beans.
Just keep awaiting an email from NNU. Check your spam too in case their email is caught by filters. You account will be aproved within 24hours.
After that, you can now be sharing posts, commenting, writing your own posts and doing many other things.
That’s all.

Source: techpanda.com.ng


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