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3 important life lessons we learnt from Portugal vs Spain

The match was such an eventful one with Portugal taking the lead just few minutes into the match after Ronaldo chipped in a spot kick.
We saw that spot kick canceled by Diego Costa's beautiful solo goal. The goal was such an outstanding one, confusing 3 of Portugal's defenders and firing the shot just in the low right side of the post.

Minutes later, Ronaldo proved he's still the world best player after a David De Gea error gave Portugal the lead. We watched as Spain played and played...and played Portugal up to the point of frustration.

Nacho also scored the best goal so far this 2018 world cup. His beautiful strike was just outstanding.
I could remember the view center I watched the match, as Spain touched the ball, everyone will exclaim "eh! Eh! Eh!". This kept on going on and on until for some time until Andres Iniesta was substituted.
After Andres Iniesta's substitution, Portugal picked up some confidence but it was Ronaldo's free kick that made the headlines.

Enough of the written highlights, let's talk about some of the life lessons we learnt from the match:
1. Not how far, but how well: Spain dominated the entire match with passes, ball possession, shots and every other aspect. All their efforts proved futile because they didn't score. They were the better team, no doubt but they felt like the losing team. All their passes were turned into ashes by one man.

2. Even the best makes mistakes: David De Gea who had been regarded as the best goal keeper this season Kariused a Ronaldo shot. The whole world was shocked by his error but he's human after all. No matter how good you are, you are never 100%

3. Believe in your team: One could say Ronaldo was not his best self in the match but he never stopped believing in his team, even with the nonsense they played. Portugal were the worse side in the match and their passes were off. If some world class players were in Ronaldo's shoes, we'll have seen them giving up on the match since the opening of the second half.
Ronaldo simply kept to the game, played with his team and saw a positive result.


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