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Father gang rapes daughter with two other friends in India

Police in India are on a manhunt for a 50-year-old man who gave his 35-year-old daughter to his two friends and joined them to gang rape her for 18 good hours.

The man who is still at large is reported to have taken the victim to a fair in Kamlapur where they met one of the accomplices called Maan Singh.
They convinced her to ride on a bicycle with them to the house of the second accomplice called Meraj, in Lucknow.

It was at that place that the father handed over his daughter to his two friends to have sex with.
Feeling shortchanged, the man joined his friend and they camped and raped his own daughter for 18 undiluted hours before she was able to escape from them the next day.

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Daily Mail report indicated that Meraj, a fake doctor with no medical license was arrested after the victim went back and narrated her ordeal to her mother who did not hesitate to report it to the police.

Apparently, the incestuous father has always been
affectionate towards his daughter » .
Reports say the man was banished from his village in November last year following accusations that he was engaged in an incestuous relationship with his daughter.

A police source is quoted as saying: “A panchayat was called and the father was arrested. He got bail in February this year.”
He together with the second accomplice, Maan Singh have since fled and the police are currently searching for them.


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