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8 reasons why we love Olamide so much

Olamide "Baddo" Adedeji is unarguably one of the most loved rappers in Nigeria right now.

Having stayed natural, consistent and versatile, one can even come to conclusion that he's the C.Ronaldo of the Nigerian entertainment industry. With his colleagues chasing international fame, Olamide has decided to stay home where he loves and feed his fans what they love. If you are not yet a fan of the star, let me give you reasons to love him.

Here they are:
1. Versatility: He's arguably the most versatile artiste in the music industry. He's a rapper and a singer. Not just that, he somehow manages to squeeze his Yoruba dialect with English rap. This is not an easy thing to do considering that a rapper has to rhyme while making sense.

2. Originality: Right from the start of his music career, baddo has stayed original. Using his native first name as his stage name, flowing in the language he knows best and admitting he's a street guy as been one of the building blocks for Olamide's career.

3. Durability: There is almost no song Olamide has been featured on which he has failed to deliver. His ability to rap along with any beat is something to marvel about. There's no need wandering why some people refer to him as "King baddo".

4. Consistency: Like I said, he is the most consistent artiste around. Releasing a total of seven albums in seven years with each having at least 3 hit tracks. His total amount of albums is the combination of Wizkid and Davido's. Now that's something to write home about.

5. Humility: Despite his high profile in the Nigerian entertainment industry, he's been able to come low for the upcoming artistes and even the big celebs around. Basketmouth once revealed that he asked Olamide to perform for his show and when he asked Olamide to name his price, Baddo replied saying " anything you have".

6. Loyalty: Baddo has always remained loyal to his fans. When asked about when he will have an international collaboration, Baddo plainly said he doesn't want it...he does what he dies for his fans.

7. He's the Voice Of The Street: The street love him. He speaks for the street. He just relates well with the street people and that is something many Nigerian artistes need to do. Nigeria is all about the street, so to skyrocket your career, you must relate well with the street.

8. He broke a record on his debut: Yes, baddo's debut song, eni duro, earned him a place among the world record holders. He holds the record for the most clothes changed in a single video.
If after reading all these jagbajantis, you don't still love Olamide, then I'm sorry for you.

Source: spark my boredom


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