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Why you should stop blaming Judas Iscariot for Jesus' death

As usual today people will cry, wail, curse Judas Iscariot for betraying our Lord Jesus christ.

To me i don't think Judas Iscariot deserves any blame for betraying Jesus christ.

As Christians we know that the primary purpose of our Lord Jesus christ on earth was to save mankind. Before Jesus christ came into the world, God has past through the prophets of old to prophecy about his coming, not just his coming but the manner he will be betrayed and slain.

Before i go further let me take you to Bible portions that foretold the betrayal,suffering, and death of our Lord Jesus christ.

Psalm 41:9, King David wrote a prayer asking for mercy in his last days. In this prayer, which Christians acknowledge as being inspired by God, David wrote about a betrayal at the hand of a close friend with whom he had shared bread.

This foreshadowed something that happened years later with Jesus. As explained in Matthew 26:47-50, Jesus was betrayed by Judas, one of the 12 apostles, shortly after Jesus and the apostles had shared bread during the Last Supper. Jesus was crucified by the Romans a short time later.

Zechariah 11:4-17, the prophet speaks of a payment involving 30 pieces of silver and of a good shepherd whose service is brought to an end.

This foreshadows an event that happened to Jesus about 500 years later.

As explained in Matthew 26:15, Judas was paid 30 silver coins for his betrayal of Jesus. Judas told the Romans when and where they could arrest Jesus without being surrounded by a large crowd of Jesus' followers.

Isaiah 53:7, the prophet said that the servant would be afflicted and accused, and that he would remain silent like a lamb being led to slaughter.

As explained in Matthew 27:12-14, which was recorded about 700 years after the time of Isaiah, this is what happened to Jesus. He was falsely accused but remained silent and did not protest the accusations. Jesus was crucified by the Romans a short time later.

In Isaiah 53:4-6, prophet described a servant as being punished for the sins of others, and that others would be healed by the wounds of this person. As explained in the New Testament such as in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John Jesus was crucified for our sins, and he was sinless.

I can go on an on, but let me stop there.
In my opinion i don't think Judas deserve any blame, he was acting his part. it was the fulfilment of the prophecy.

If Judas didn't do that, where would we have been today.
Please pardon any blunder spotted.

From Nairaland
Location: Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria


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