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"Why we can not arrest herdsmen grazing cattle on airport runways" - Commissioner

The Nigeria Police Force has said it cannot arrest herdsmen who allow their cattle to stray onto and graze on airport runways in the country.

The Commissioner of Police , Airport Command , Mustapha Dandaura , stated this in an interview with our correspondent on Friday.
He said herdsmen could only be arrested in states where the anti -open grazing law was effective.
However , Dandaura said that all policemen and other security officials at the airports had been instructed to stay on high alert to prevent a situation whereby cows would take over airport runways .

He said, “It ’ s only in states where the anti -open grazing law is in place that herdsmen can be arrested for allowing their cattle to graze on airport runways . Apart from those states , we have not been told to start arresting herdsmen.

“ But we have already alerted our men at the airports to ensure such incident does not occur again . The state police commands have also been carried along and everyone is on the alert.
“ We can’t have a situation whereby cows would be straying onto and grazing on airport runways because it is embarrassing . Everyone is now on the alert and it ’s going to be prevented .”

Last Saturday , an Air Peace flight from Lagos had been prevented from landing at the Akure Airport , Ondo State as cows took over the runway.
It had taken the efforts of airport security and other aviation workers to clear the runway before the airplane landed .

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria had apologised to the airline affected and suspended the head of aviation security at the airport following the bizarre incident .


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