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Top best Olamide songs ever. Number 2 is a massive hit

best olamide songs ever
Olamide Adeleke, the young Bariga boy who took the street by storm and later moved on to conquer the Nation. It is no doubt he is one of the most loved artiste in the Nigerian music industry today. His versatility, indigenousness, originality and most especially, his charisma are what built the foundation of love he has from every Nigerian. His songs are loved by both men and women, male and female and everyone who loves to groove, rap or get up and dance. Let's take a look at the best Olamide songs ever.

25. I'm going in: Talking about the new life of fame and riches, Olamide blended his experiences into a beautiful slow tempo rap song. One of the best classics of Olamide.

24. Say something: Of course a lot of people might not know this song. The ones who know might have probably forgotten about it but this song is one of the best song Olamide has ever recorded. Everyone talks about his versatility so he decided to show it in this song. Starting with a Fulani themed intro, singing into the song with a nice voice, rapping in Hausa, pidgin and grooving in his Yoruba dialect. Olamide is amazing.

23. Jale: Now them say I jonze ooo! This song hit the streets like a bomb. It was a street anthem when it drooped. Everyone felt safe singing this song. "Omije oju mi n'bere anu re, olorun mi o she iyanu re. Iwo l'o jen jale".

22. 1999: Didn't receive the recognition one would expect but nevertheless, it was a big song. The song got Olamide rapping about his life, how armed robbers robbed him, his father's hustle and how became the man he is today. This is a perfect story telling song.

21. Picture: Don't blame me, don't blame now if you can't see the picture". From the prelude, one to would conclude that the song is a very beautiful song. His lines were flawless, the producer also didn't disappoint. There is no better word to qualify this song than " exceptional ".

20. Falila ketan: This is what you get when you combine Olamide's creativity with street vibes. Falila ketan was a massive hit. The chorus was as catchy as cough. 100% fun to listen and sing along.

19. Letter to milli: What else is better than a father training his child? Even though Milli doesn't understand a word in this song, he will surely grow into the soldier his father wants if he abides by the words of this song.

18. Illefo Illuminati: Flawless lyrics, mad beat, good video. Olamide is just one hell of a rap soldier.

17. Eyan Mayweather: The rap song that proved Olamide was ready to knock anybody out of the ring. Nigerian rap songs are not usually given as much attention as this song got. The song was a huge hit, coupled with the old skool video graphics.

16. Don't stop: A song which was released along eyan mayweather. The groove of this song is just out of this world. "Shake it, don't break it. It took your mama nine months to make it". Everyone loved this song. The verses were equally nice and lyrics were good also.

15. Boys are not smiling: One of the best inspirational song for this kind of economy. Olamide took the problems of this economy and turned it into something beautiful just like the Legendary Fela Anikulapo. This is one of my best song ever.

14. Esu pofo: This is one of the songs that Olamide used in telling us how far he has gone and the struggles he faced along the line. Esu pofo is a beautiful music everyone can bump their heads to...old and young.

13. Yemi My Lover: Have you been searching for the right payback for the girl who dumped you because you were not rich, this song is your answer. Olamide talked about how the girl played him, used him and was ashamed of him but now he's famous and she wants him back. Baddo!

12. The money (rap): Yes, I know this is not Olamide's song but one can not ignore the amazing rap in this song. I think it's the rap that made the song such a huge success. Rapping in English throughout then completing it with Yoruba. Baddo na baba.

11. Durosoke: I know you've been waiting to see the review of this song. It was unarguably the song of the year when it was released. Nice jam, flawless lyrics, beautiful wordplay. What else can't baddo do concerning his field? The best part of the song is "won fowo pa lara o fun meaww. Se olongbo ni e, o de wan wo mi loju baun". Meaning: They are rubbing her body and she sounding meaw. Are you a cat, why are you looking like at my fave like this.

10. Pepper dem gang: Surely, I might get stoned for adding this song but the simile and poetic power of Olamide was unleashed in this song. He frequently compared one object or person to another. This is one hard thing to do especially when you need them to rhyme.

9. Rayban Abacha: If you are looking for a song filled with wordplay then Rayban Abacha is there for you. Olamide is just phenomenal when it comes to delivering mad lines.

8. Bobo: Oya shakiti bobo. Mo fe ra Bentley bobo. Mo fe ra Ferrari bobo. Fly to parisi bobo. Olamide made his mark when he released this song and also the crazy dance step. The dance step got producers, comedians, actors and his fellow artistes dancing.

7. Melo meloo: A love Ballard from Olamide? Who ever expected this from Olamide? It's very surprising! Olamide killed us with this slow Ballard. The violin was lit too.

6. Voice of the street: Arguably one of the best rap songs in Nigerian music. V.O.T.S made waves in it's first week of release. Facebook, twiiter and many other social media platforms were filled with this slang. The rap from A-Z is what made many people tag Olamide as the best Nigerian rapper of his generation. All lyrics blended perfectly.

5. First of all: This funny song is an amazing piece from the rapper. This was the song that took him where he is today. The video was lit and the stars in the video also played their parts well. The beat is off the hook. One of the turning point of this song is the fact that whenever someone starts a speech with "first of all" everyone echoes "go down low".

4. Young Erikina: Speaking of exceptional songs,Young Erikina is just the perfect description. The song that got Olamide the name " Yahoo Boy No Laptop". This song was the foundation of YBNL. The lines were just out of this world. He kept spitting and spitting until there was none to spit again. This song showed everyone that Olamide is here to stay.

3. Eleda mi: The song was a massive hit. Gaining recognition across the country. Even churches sing it as a prayer. I don't know what else to say about this song. I'm just...speechless. Olamide is a guru.

2. Turn up: This song was a massive hit. The funniest part about this song is that I was in the village when it was released and it was already booming in the village. This song is so interestin, the beat is amazing and it is sweet to sing along with.

1. Anifiwoshe: What do you get when you combine a Yoruba rapper and a Fuji musician? Perfection! Olamide rapped non stop about his struggles in Bariga and how he had to wrestle against the big richer kids. This song is very very very.....very amazing. It showed Olamide has the quality everyone expects him to bring into the mic.

That's it on our Best Olamide Songs ever.

if you have a song that is not on the list, feel free to drop it in the comment box below! Let them know say baddo na baba. Also, share this post by clicking a social media icon below


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