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Naijafalcon Joke Of The Week

I'm still laughing!!!!! Could not help but share this joke. In one family, there was a child who does not speak. But one morning the child, in trying to say a word, began to move his lips gently. Everybody rushed out, on hearing what was happening, to hear what the child was going to say. After some time, the child only pronounced the word "grandmother." Hours later someone came in to announce the death of the grandmother. Two days later, the child started stammering again. This time everyone looked at his lips with fear and anticipation. In the end, he pronounced "uncle" and that evening the uncle died. Then came the fatal day, that night the child repeats the same act of stupidity, moving his lips, and everyone rushed to the door trying to flee before he says anything. Unfortunately, before they were able to get to the door, he had already said the word "papa." That night the father was terrified and could not sleep at all because of fear. His wife, having pity on him, told him that the child was actually not his. For once we saw a husband, to whom such news was announced, jumping with joy and thanking his wife for cheating on him. Surprisingly, the next day the driver was dead in front of the door ... The husband is still dancing. 👍✌😎👑 Have a blessed week ahead.


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