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If you didn't do these 18 things in your childhood then you didn't enjoy much

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I have come to realize that while we were young we enjoyed doing some things, which we now consider as "useless and irrelevant childhood plays". But in the real sense, these " stuffs" really made our childhood count. Below are a least of some of our plays as youngsters. Enjoy and don't forget to laugh 😝😝.; You never enjoyed your childhood;
1. If you didn't kill earthworm with salt.
2. If you didn't play rubber band.
3. If you never bath in the rain.
4. If nobody told you about India vs Nigeria(99-1). This is unarguably the most popular and well organised lie of the century.
5. If you did not sleep on the couch and woke up on the bed.
6. If you didn't throw your milk teeth on the roof for lizards to take it and give you new ones.
7. If you didn't just wash your legs and hands instead of bathing before going to school.
8. If you didn't act film inside uncompleted
buildings or under the bed with friends.
9. If you never flew a kite.
10. If you didn't use your legs to build houses with sands.
11. If you never wrote your name on a
paper and insert it into your pen so that no one will steal it. I wonder if you are still using that pen.
12. If you didn't close the fridge door very slowly to see when the light will go off.
13. If you never waved at white birds expecting your nails to be whiter.
14. If you didn't hear of ghost that stays under mango trees at night.
15. If you never drove a single car tyre with stick and call it a car.
16. If you never mix garri and sugar in ur pocket and eat it while walking on the street. I never did this one ooo.
17. If you did do Mummy and Daddy play e.g cooking leaf and sand without fire.
18. If you didn't play table soccer with bottle cover.
........then i guess ur childhood was not fun!....
Do you know it is not jangilova epo motor? It is actually JINGLE OVER LIKE A MOTOR! I bet you didn't know. I didn't know either until I grew up. I'm sure 99.9% of Nigerian Adults don't know that the popular nursery rhyme "Sandalili Sandalili" is actually "Standard living Standard living".
I know you are singing it now
*Confess you are guilty?*
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