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Sera's stories: Fight me and love me - "he was so gorgeous, blue eyes , dark hair , bonny chin and ..."

The sun shun brightly as I walked through the beautiful garden enjoying the romantic scents of the roses and the cool breeze touching me gently......"Such a wonderful place".. I said " How is it possible that a place like this ever exists" then I lay down on the soft warm grass, so smooth , I was wandering if such type of plant can be found on this earth , I closed my eyes .....then I felt a shadow covering my face , blocking the wonderful sun , '' Who is disturbing my peace " I said in my mind . I opened my eyes......
There he was , standing right in front of me
He had all I wanted in a guy , moderate legs ,broad chest ,nice abbs , cool biceps ....
Then I looked up , he was so gorgeous, blue eyes , dark hair , bonny chin and ...best of all a great smile ......... I realized I couldn't say anything, then I heard a terrible sound which destroyed everything, I woke up only to see my disarranged room with the alarm sounding stupidly loud "I thought i broke this alarm clock" I said angrily , then I tucked my head into the pillow...." Oh yes , I have to go to work"... I jumped out of the bed and banged the alarm so hard " Ouch!!!!!!,,, my hand, ....stupid alarm " I rushed into the bathroom took my brush applied paste and started brushing my teeth, I remembered my dream , *sighs* "oh well I knew it wasn't real." I continued to brush my teeth, I tried to remember my perfect man's face but I couldn't, all I remembered was his perfect body but his face was hard to remember "what's the use of remembering him, he isn't even real" *sighs* .
After 10 mins I was done with bathing, I put on my cloth ,prayed and took breakfast and I was out....I arrived at the shop I work in after 10 mins "When would I ever get a better job , God pls make my interview go well".. This was the 3rd job interview I had applied for, I remembered hw the 2nd interview went ........horrible, my heels broke while I was running because I came late and I ran into the manager spilling coffee on him....." Such a disaster ", then I entered inside the store , cleaned and arranged the shop , then flipped the close sign to open, " Time for work"..
"Your bill is 50 dollars " I said to a customer
He was so handsome I couldn't get my eyes off him since he entered the shop " Damn , he so cute " ... I wish I can find someone good looking like him to marry
"Here u go" ...handing over the cash to me
"Thank u Sir for patronizing us " I said smiling
Then he gave me this freaking look like *does he care* and he left without even nodding
"Urggghh!! What a freak , bad attitude handsome face" frowning at him as he went out the door "don't come back again. Mr rude" ... I sat down , opened the sales book then my phone rang . " Hello ," ..
"Good day miss Seraphina " a voice said with a female tone
"Good day ,.... Can I know who .."
" This is Caroline Rodrigo from Emilio's business organization " she cut in
"Oh OK " maybe she wants to tell me I failed the interview ....
"I called to inform that you successfully passed the job interview as the Personal Assistance of Mr Emilio Roy "
"Whatttttt!!!!!!" I screamed which made an old woman in the shop shake
"I'm so sorry ma'am , .....I was employed ?"
"Yes and you would start work next week
Make sure u don't come late and be properly dressed , I will be expecting you , have a nice day " and she cut the phone
I couldn't believe what I just heard
"Yessssssssssss!!!!" Screaming so loud that a baby started crying. I didn't care I was just to happy " "Thank you Jesus" I whispered. ...
to be continued:


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