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Sera's stories: fight me and love me: chapter 7 - "I.. I'm in love with you"

The party had ended well, but all was not well in the car, he was quiet , he didn't say anything in the car, I was worried and angry, .......was he playing with me back there, . ..no ,I don't think so, I could tell he was sincere with the kiss, but why was he not saying anything, y was he speechless, after all he kissed me first......
"Ummmm, Thanks for inviting me, I really had a great time"..... He said as he opened the door for me
" I'm really glad you came " ..I came down from the car .
"Sooo, see you at work"... He said
Wait....was the kiss a joke, was my feelings wrong.....*sighs*
" Yes, till Monday then" I put on a fake smile and turned , I already took 5 steps to my door, but I stopped because he called me , then he came to me and hugged me
"I.. I'm in love with you" he touched my hair
I felt like crying at that moment, y did he waste time in saying it...
"I was not sure of the right way to tell you, I was so nervous, I was afraid you would reject me, but I don't care any more , even if you don't like me, I can't stop myself from loving you"......Emilio held me tighter
This was the happiest day of my life,
I looked at him, I just didn't care abt whatever he said
" I love you too", I finally said it, it was like a huge stone was pushed off my heart...
He smiled, then he kissed my forehead, I closed my eyes
Is this a dream?
I bit my lower lips to be sure I wasn't dreaming
No I wasn't dreaming, it's real , and I'm happy it's real,...
I was just to happy , so this is what Thelma experienced with Ryan
I Never knew love could be so sweet
Saturday was so romantic, Emilio took us out me, Kelly and Kendra, we went to the park , I really teased Emilio 'cause he was scared of the roller coaster , then we dropped Kelly and Kendra and later watched a movie, it was so annoying, Emilio teased me 'cause I was scared of horror movies
Wellllll.... Saturday night ended well, we had dinner in my house, and he really loved my chocolate cake , it had tiny peanuts in it, I guess that's what made it special.... Blah blah blahhhhh!!....... before he left he hugged him and pecked him , then he pinched my chicks and left , I was so happy until now..
I've been sitting on my desk ,since morning busy typing some documents, worst of all, I have not set my eyes on Emilio since morning, that depressed me more, he has been attending different meetings, a new cloth line from our company was a hit, now people are requesting for the cloths even outside countries ,they just love the new fashion ...
It's 3:30pm and Emilio is not yet back *sighs* , "Why, why ,why" ....I .banged my hand on the table, then my phone vibrated, it was a text message from Emilio
I was surprised and happy also, so I viewed it ...*Sorry love , I may not be able to meet you at the office , the meeting was extended and I'm bored to death, I really miss you love, I promise I'll call, bye*
I was so angry , I almost threw my phone
"Calm down sera, he's not gone forever, just calm down" I took deep breaths in then out it went
"Y hasn't he called?" I kept on looking at my phone for like 30 mins
"It's 8:00pm , at least he should be home by now, maybe he was stressed out, but that doesn't stop him from making a phone call, urgggggghhh!!" ......I bounced on my bed with force , then the bell rang
"Ahhhhhh!! Who the hell is disturbing my peace" , ......it rang again, I just forcefully stood up and went straight to the door , I didn't bother to check who was at the door,I just opened it and there he was , Emilio was standing right in front of me , I was really surprised to the extent that I started stammering
"Wh.....whwhwhh...attt are you doing here Emilio"
He smiled. "Am I not aloud to see my girl friend?"
I was speechless, he came all the way from work just to see me!!!....
I was still silent, then he came closer and hugged me, my heart was racing again
"Sorry I didn't call , I was just too busy, pls let me rest here for a while"
"Ooo..okk"... I was happy,but still surprised then he rested his head on my shoulder , I felt his lips touch my neck , my heart was racing faster now, I pulled back and held his hands
" Let's go inside " he smiled and followed me in, he sat on the couch while I went to get him something to eat and my special tea I gave him some sandwich I made earlier this morning
"So sorry , I was to lazy to make dinner"..
" It's no problem " he started eating , he ate every thing, I guess he was so hungry
"Thanks for the meal"...he said
" your welcome "....I wiped away some crumbs off his shirt
He looked at me
" What?" I giggled a little
Then he laid his head on my laps , my eyes opened wider
"Let me stay here for a while "....he grinned
" You said that earlier" I started laughing, then he kissed me unexpectedly
"Shhhhh, I want to rest " he grinned again and closed his eyes
"You just stole a kiss Mr" ...
He did not respond, but he smiled, his eyes were still closed, I was admiring him, I kissed him unexpectedly too , my hair covered his face, he didn't say anything, but he was blushing , I was just giggling .He was fast asleep after 10 mins , I managed to carry him to the bed , I removed his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt a little
"He was so stressed out, well thank God for that" I giggled again
2 months later
Our relationship has been going perfectly well, in fact I keep falling in love with him every day, his birthday was on the 5th of March , which was tomorrow, I was in a gift shop looking for a perfect gift to give him
"What would he love, a tie , or a watch,...no no ,he has all that, *sighs* , I think I should call Ryan"....... I was abt calling Ryan when something popped into my head
" Perfect!!!" I left the gift shop without getting anything, then my phone rang, it was Emilio
"Good evening my lady" he said with British accent
"Good evening my Lord " I replied back with British accent to
"I'm boredddd!!" He whined
"Awwnnn, sorry my little baby"...i said
" Can I come over?"...
"Hmmmm, and what if I'm not in"..... I made a smirk
"You better be" ...his voice was stern
"Is that an order?" ....I frowned a little
"No it's a command, I'm coming soon, bye love'' then he cut the call
I smiled, so he missed me , oh well I've got to rush home
I was standing at the other side of the road, waiting for the the sign to change , then some little kids were running, I told them to stop running but they wouldn't listen, they kept on playing, then the bigger one pushed the little one to the road , she fell down badly, luckily there was no car passing
" Little girl , stand up and leave the road"
She started crying
"Come out from the road dear, a car may be coming".....she was still crying, then the other child started crying, I was confused, then some crazy driver was driving with speed, I didn't know my legs already ran to the road to get the girl, I carried her but I slipped and I felt the bones in my right foot shift, then I managed to push her with force off the road, the driver was driving crazily 'cause he was being chased by the policed , I managed to stand up, but the next thing that happened
" BOOOOOOOOMMM!!!!!" The car hit me so hard that I tumbled over it and landed on the other side, ....the pain was unbearable, my head felt like it was being beaten with hammer,I was gasping for air,I Couldn't feel my body any longer, my sight was blur, I managed to see feet of pple, I needed help, only one person was on my mind, then I managed to gasp out Emilio's name, that was the last word I said before I became unconscious
To be continued
Author: Iheme Seraphina


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