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Sera's stories: fight me and love me: chapter 3 - "He stared at me, I was frightened but I kept my face straight "

" Phewwww, thank God I always have Mrs P in my bag"....... I was in the toilet washing my hands, .. Mrs M came for her monthly visit ,I'm so happy I usually don't get stomach aches when Mrs M comes for a visit, I remembered when my sister always cried because of Mrs M ( oh by the way Mrs M is my menses, and Mrs P is my Pad )
..I looked at my watch ...." Oh my God!!!! 9: 58. I just had 2mins to get to Mr Emilio's office"
I ran out of the toilet , "I don't even know y I didn't go to the toilet on the first Floor"....
I ran towards the elevator ,but it was already closed , I could not wait , I had to use the stairs , i kept on running until I finally reached the office,
I was breathing so hard, then I looked at my watch , it was 10:01..." I'm only a minute late , he won't be angry ", I said to my self, although, I doubt what I just said .
I knocked on his door, " Come in "... he did not even wait for me to knock twice, I opened the door
" I thought I said come by 10 Miss Seraphina " he said sternly...
I was speechless, it was just 10:01 and he is mad abt me not coming by 10, what a nerd
"I remember telling you I hate when a minute of my time is wasted " he said
Oh please!! , u most be kidding me right now , so u can't even spare a minute ..
"I'm sorry sir" I managed to whisper that out..
He kept on staring at me , I had to look down to prevent our eyes from jamming each other, then he took a step towards me , he took another one and another one , he was so close to me, .
"What is he doing, wait.. Maybe he wants to hit me , ..he should not dare , if not I'm not gonna take it lightly with him , if he dares raising his hand , my legs are going straight to his balls
I don't give a damn if I lose my job.
He came a bit closer , I could scent his perfume, so nice, I began to freak out a bit , what the hell is he doing , then he bent over to grab some papers on the table at my back
"Oh sorry sir" I moved out of his way., then he arranged the papers well.."this are the documents , I need u to go through it and make sure all the necessary information are well compiled , I'm gonna submit this files to General by Tomorrow morning, so I am expecting u to be done with it before I leave , ...hope I'm clear
..urggghhhh! Does he think I'm deaf
" Yes Mr Emilio, I heard u perfectly well"
He stared at me ,he gave me this funny look. .. I didn't even understand the look ..." Good"...he said , "Here u go" ....I took the document and left .. Immediately I closed the door I felt my self again I could breath properly ..." Pheeeeew!!! Thank God I'm alive ,'' I walked to my desk ,sat down and put on my spectacles "Time for work"........
" GET OUTTTTTYYTTT!!!"....... I thought the earth just shook, wow I think Mr Emilio is so mad right now ......
A man rushed out of his office , he looked at me ." you are new here right?"He said......"yes "
Then he laughed and said "hope u know what u are gonna face " ...
"Don't worry ,I'm gonna handle him"
He looked at me and started laughing, he kept on laughing until he left .."psycho,.... Guess he got crazy after that yell Mr Emilio gave him...
"Brrrrrrrrrrrinnnn" the telephone rang , I picked up " Hello Sir "....
"Get to my office , now!!".. Then the phone cut
"Urrgghhh! Such an awful attitude" .. I stood up and went to the door and knocked "Come in"
I was a little bit frightened when I entered, his face was so Moody ..."Sir , you... "
"Are u done with the documents" he cut in
What the hell , it's not up to 30mins and u are asking me if I'm done, goshhh!!
"I'm almost true sir"
"WHY ARE U SO SLOW!" he yelled
I shook , I was so surprised, I kept quiet
"I just hope this workers would use their senses well, someday "
I was so mad because of what he said
I felt like breaking his head at that point
He just insulted me right now, I couldn't hold it any longer
"And I hope u bosses would learn how to control your temper , and not insulting other fellow humans " I blurted that out
At first , I felt I made a wrong decision by saying that out loud
But I had to release my anger
He stared at me, I was frightened but I kept my face straight and looked him in the eye
"Get out of my office now" Emilio said
I gladly turned back , opened the door and closed it
I finally came back to my self, I could breath properly
Then I went to my desk and sat down
I realized that I might lose my job for what I just said, dang !!! I was so stupid, I could hv endured it a little longer instead of blurting out those words
I lay my head on the desk to ease my self
To be continued


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