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Sera's stories: fight me and love me: chapter 5 - "I came closer To Him and kissed him, he kissed back , I felt his tongue..."

I opened my eyes , but every where looked unfamiliar , I felt so comfortable, it was so unlike my bed , i closed my eyes back ,to sleep , then I realized my alarm didn't ring, so I tried to get it but it wasn't there , I opened my eyes again , every where was so different, this was not my room I was so shocked , the room looked like a man's room, then I had a flash back, I remembered drinking with the boss,
"OH SHIT!!!" I said jumping out of the bed , "THIS IS MY BOSS'S HOUSE!!!"
I had a flash back again, I was so drunk , I said craps , I even insulted him ,"DAMN!!!" I took the pillow to cover my face , my hair was untidy , I realized I wasn't wearing my office clothes..... "God!!! Did I..... No .., he wouldn't dare"....I thought we....., or he....or we had ......sex, I shook my head
" Shut up girl , don't imagine nonsense "
Then I checked my pyjamas , I wanted to be sure my pants were still on
"Pheww!! My pants are still on "
I looked at the bed to check for blood stains, but there wasn't, I was so relieved
Then I had a flash back again... Emilio was carrying me to the bed, he laid me on the bed , I was still drunk , he touched my chick softly, then I opened my eyes , I looked straight into his eyes, he was so admirable , we looked at each other for a while , I was trapped in his blue eyes, .... I stood up a bit , Mr Emilio looked confused , I came closer To Him and kissed him, he kissed back , I felt his tongue ,I could taste the vodka from his lips, his lips was in rhythm with mine, he was a good kisser.
I realized I was the one who invited sex , but he was a gentleman, "SERAPHINA!!!!!!!!, U ARE A BIG FOOL!!!!" I said loudly, I was so stupid, "How could u let this happen to urself" I hit my head so hard , I began to have head ache, then I heard the door open , I rushed back to the bed and covered my self, I pretended i was still asleep, I opened my eyes slightly, he came in with a tray ,it had water and a cup of juice so he dropped it on the table he turned and looked at me , he smiled
"I know u are awake Sera"
Sera!!! , y is he calling me Sera,
..oh well he caught me
I opened my eyes and stared at him for a while, then he started laughing
"Urghhh!!, this so embracing, was I so badly drunk?"
" Yeah u were" he giggled ..."and one more thing" he said with a serious face
I was a little bit scared, don't tell me we actually had sex
"You...... Are..." He paused
"Oh come on what is it" I said angrily
"You are heavy" he laughed
I rolled my eyes, what kind of joke was that, and he was laughing, he looked at me and noticed I was not laughing
"OH come on ,it's only a joke"
I still stared at him
"Did we....I mean did you.." I could not even say it , but he answered perfectly well
"No we did not HV sex, and for ur clothes ,u threw up cause of the alcohol" I had to change it , I am a gentleman, so don't think wrong abt me, OK"
I nodded, at least I didn't lose my virginity
He took the water with some drugs
"Take this , I guess u had head ache this morning"
" Yeah" I took the pills and drank water
He stood up and walked to the wardrobe and brought out clothes, it looked new
"Your clothes are being dry cleaned, so I ordered new clothes, hope u don't mind"
.WO wo wo, Mr rich man is on the move
" There's no problem, I'm supposed to be the one sorry here"
"Oh don't mind, I really enjoyed your company".....
I smiled..." Thank u for the clothes"
"Your welcome my lady" he grinned and stood up
"Freshen up and come down for breakfast" then he left the room
I was still on the bed, all I could think of was the kiss"
"Sera!!! Sera!!!, it was just a mistake, don't fall for him, he is your rude boss" ...but I just kept on remembering the kiss, I stood up and went to the bathroom, it was so nice , the titles were so clean ,I looked and I saw a tooth brush still packed, it wasn't yet used, I guess Emilio bought it for me..
I came downstairs, the clothes he bought were a perfect fit, I really liked the trouser the shirt was fancy ,funny enough the shirt had my favorite color, royal blue, while the trouser was black, great match....
The aroma of the food was so inviting ,...
I walked to the dining table , the food was set up already, it was so inviting, I never would hv thought Emilio was a good cook.
"Have a sit" Emilio said, I looked up but I didn't see him
"I'm over here"
I turned and I saw him through a rectangular opening On the wall
"Your house is lovely"...he came out of the kitchen
"Thank you" ..he walked to where I was standing and pulled the chair, I sat down,then he sat on the chair next to me
He was abt to serve the food,
"Do you pray before u eat?"..
" Ummm..no"... His eyebrows went up
"Hmmm, so u just eat anything outside without praying,"
His eyebrows were still up "Any problem with that"....... Problem!!!!, looks like Mr Emilio is not a believer, I think I would just keep quiet now
" No, but I would like to pray before eating, hope u don't mind ".....he stared at me for a while, then he dropped the spoon " OK, go on".... That's better "Bless this food Oh Lord for in Jesus name" ...I had to shorten the prayer so he won't sleep off,
"Amen" he said , then he served the food
He made toast bread with egg sauce and some other side dishes , his egg sauce was so delicious .." Who thought u how to cook"..I had to bring up a conversation cause every where was quiet , only the sound of the spoons were heard
"I learnt from my mom, when she was sick I cooked meals for her, my mom really enjoyed my meals, she even told me the woman I would marry most know hw to cook ,so she won't take advantage of her son by making him the cook of the house"
Awwnnn, that was a nice story, ...well. I can cook,.....wait y did I just think abt that, ..don't be stupid sera, ....
"Your mom seems to be a nice person.... Unlike you"....he looked at me,..I think i shouldn't hv said that
He did not say anything, ....
It was quiet again , I looked at his face ,he's really handsome , he licked his lips, then I remembered the kiss again, I bit my lower lips
"Ummm..., are u okay"... He looked at me,
" You aren't eating"..
I dropped my spoon,... I had to apologize for what I did,
"Mr Emilio, I'm... Sorry.....". I stopped,
Y is it do hard to apologize
" Sorry forr what?"..
He raised his right eyebrow
"Sorry for kissing you" I said it fast and closed my eyes. Then I opened my eyes again ,he was giggling, ..what!!! I mean I just apologized and u are laughing, hw is it funny....
"You know I get mad when people laugh at me" ...I stuffed one full toast bread into my mouth to prevent myself from insulting him
"I'm so sorry , don't worry abt the kiss , we were drunk, it's nothing serious by the way"
Nothing ??. That was my first kiss....I always wanted my first kiss to be romantic and not being drunk,...
"OK , it's nothing" I frowned at him
He looked confused,
"Yeeaah" he said it slowly
I started eating fast so I could leave..

to be continued...
Author: Iheme Seraphina


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