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Sera's stories: fight me and Love: Chapter 4 - "My heart started beating slowly

"Finally" ...I was already tired because of that rude boss of mine, at least I'm done with the compilation. "I think I'll be going now , but first let me give him the documents before he pours his anger on me again"....
I packed my stuff, carried the file and walked towards his door , I was about to knock on the door when Mr Emilio opened it...
Our eyes met each other, then my heart began to beat faster
" Sir sssirr, I'm done with the .. with the....wwwork"
Wait .... Y was I stammering...,I guess I'm a bit scared of losing my job
He kept on staring at me , then he took the documents from my hand and put it in his bag
"I'm leaving now, you can also leave" he said with a soft tone
Hmmmmm, that's kind of weird
"OK Sir "... I turned back and walked to my desk while he left
" phewww, I thought he was gonna fire me, thank God " , I picked my bag and wore my coat, I left the office ..."finally I'm free for today"
As I walked to get to the elevator I saw Emilio standing there ,he was also waiting for the elevator to come up , I knew I was gonna lose my normal mode of breathing again because of him.
He turned and looked at me ,then he faced the elevator again , we were both standing there waiting for the elevator which was still on the 3rd floor, I was wishing someone else would join us if not I think I might hv a heart attack soon, ......but no one came, I felt like crying.
The elevator finally opened, then he entered, I followed, he pressed the button with the little 9 on it, I guess we were both going to the same floor,
He looked at me, "same" I said we were both going to the last floor, the elevator door closed
It was so quiet, I felt my heart racing faster , oh God let someone call me,......I looked at him, he had nice biceps and a really cute side face, his black hair looked so nice,
Wait.....what was I doing, ...focus girl
We were on the sixth floor when the elevator hung,
It just stopped, it wasn't moving
"What the hell is wrong" Emilio said , he looked a little bit uncomfortable
"Maybe something is wrong with the strings" ...
Emilio was not himself, I think he was panicking , I just wonder y,
He took his phone out and called some one
...then he cut the phone, it was just weird to see him like that, y was he panicking, and before I knew he started shaking, I was really frightened at that moment. , he was shaking to the extent he could not even stand properly "Mr Emilio , are u okay" I said with little crack in my voice, but he didn't answer me he kept on shaking then he fell down, I rushed to hold him
"Sir are u okay!!!" I could feel his hands , it was getting cold, then I heard him say mom don't go , I was just confused and frightened he kept on saying mom don't go, then he started crying, this was so weird and scary , I did not know what to do, then I remembered what my mom always did for me when I was frightened, she would sing a particular song that would calm my nerves instantly,... "Maybe it would work for him" I said in my head , then began singing , at first he wasn't listen, he kept on saying mom don't go , then I knelt down and held his hands, and I sang ........
He was silent, I continued singing, he now stopped crying, I held his hands tight, then I sang the last line of the song, I stopped because he was completely quiet
I decided to free his hands but he still held it , then he looked at me , I could see my face in his eyes , he had blue eyes , I noticed I was so close to him, he kept on looking, it freaked me out , so I tried to stand up but he dragged me and hugged me, I was so shocked, I was confused,speechless, my eyeballs were wide open , he still held me tight , then the elevator finally moved , I thought he had leave me but he still hugged me, until we reached the last floor then he released me , the elevator opened and we saw some men standing
"Sir, we are sorry we delayed" one of the men Said while others looked scared cause they knew they might loose their jobs,but to their surprise Emilio didn't say a word , rather he walked pass them , I just followed him to make sure he was alright
We were outside, I wanted to ask him if he was OK,but surprisingly he asked if I could hv a drink with him and I accepted
I just wanted to be sure he was OK
"Are u sure u would be able to drive, ur face looks pale"...
" Yes, I'll be okay " his voice was shaky ..then we entered the car and he drove out
The car was so quiet, I looked at him , I felt a bit sorry, I think his mom died in an accident like mine ...
We arrived at a bar , we came down and entered the bar
We sat down at the bar table
"Do u take alcohol," he asked
I wanted to say no, but it would seem rather harsh, "Yes, but the percentage must be very low if not I may end up in the gutter by morning"
He laughed , I was happy at least he put on a smile , a warm smile
"Waiter, get her a fruit juice, while I'll take vodka "
Vodka!!!!! That's way to high, anyways he is a man thank God he ordered fruit juice for me
"OK sir" the waiter said and left.
" you have a very nice voice u know "....
"Oh don't flatter me " I said
" My mom's voice was just as beautiful as urs but a little bit better"
The waiter brought the drinks and placed it on our table
"Thank you , I said taking the juice while he poured out some of the alcohol into his small glass , he gulped the first cup
" When I was a boy, my mom always sang lullabies for me" he poured out another set and gulped it While I was busy sipping my juice ,
"I'm so sorry for what happened before" he said
" No it's okay , I mean u were not well back there , I had to help in any way"
He smiled again, he looks so handsome with his smile
Then he drank another set
"My mom died in an elevator"
My heart started beating slowly. ,I was so sad
" Oh I'm so sorry " I managed to say that
"It's okay," he said
"What killed her ," I asked out of curiosity
He looked at me and took another gulp
"Pneumonia, ..we were poor and had no money to treat it because it was the late stage, ...the day I managed to earn some money ,was the day she died, she would hv been alive if not for those wicked pple who could not allow us enter the elevator with them , we had to wait till the elevator came down again , when we entered my mother slumbered , that's hw she died"
He drank another set while I was feeling so depressed
"I never knew my father, my mom said he left her"...
I got angry and took the glass from his hand and gulped down the drink, it tasted so disgusting
" urrrgggh!! How do u enjoy this , it tastes like worn socks"
He laughed again, which made me happy again , he took my juice and sipped it
"That's for taking my drink" he made a smirk
We both laughed
"My parents both died in a car accident
At first I thought the world was over for me , but. my sister was so strong, we were both sent to different orphanage home , it was hell without her
I hardly related with other kids, but I knew I was just not gonna go far with my depression, I decided to believe God would take me to better place
And he did , at least I earn money and take good careof myself, my sister got married to a wonderful God fearing man "
.I kept quiet I thought I was talking to much but it looked like Mr Emilio want more talk
"Oh well, life has many different challenges, we just hv to face it and over come them"
Then I poured the alcohol in the glass , gulped it,..
it scratched my throat as I drank it My face was so squeezed , it made Mr Emilio giggle , I started laughing to
We both drank together and laughed together
To be continued


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