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Sera's stories: Fight me and love: Chapter 2 - "slim with moderate boobs and ass..."

My heart was beating fast, I felt my legs were shaking as I walked towards the crosswalk
I could see the big sign board with a large Writing* EMILIO'S* .." I just hv 30 more steps to EMILIO'S organization" I said excitedly ..."time for me to go" I walked majestically as the cars stopped enjoying the wind blow up my hair ..."Yes I'm finally here" .. I breathed in , still admiring the building with the EMILIO'S sign , I was about to walk into the building when some idiot bumped into me... " Can't you see miss?"...he said with a disgusting face
What!!!! Are you serious , you just bumped into me you fool , your eyes were on your phone and you are asking me can't you see Urggggghhhhh!! I wish I could say all that out loud ......" Sir ,you bumped into me because you had all your concentration on your phone and yes I can see clearly " ...looking sternly at him
He was quiet .... Then he made this annoying look like * I should get the fuck out* and he walked passed me , entering Emilio's...
My mood was ruined by this dumb ass "Urgggghhhhh!!! ..... Wait a minute he looks familiar'' then I remembered the guy from the shop ," Ohhhh yes , that's him, Y didn't I notice that earlier, I wonder what he is doing here " then I walked into the building.
"Miss Seraphina" a voice called me and I turned "Miss Caroline ....if I may guess" ...
"Mrs by the way" she smiled and stretched out her hand ..." Oh , my bad" I said smiling and stretched out my hand , we shook each other, she looked so young and pretty, blond hair ,brown eyes long fingers ,slim with moderate boobs and ass ... Damn no wonder she is married.. " Follow me let me show you your work place" she said distracting my thoughts "Ok"....... We entered the elevator and stopped at the first floor , we walked passed some doors , many people greeted her as we were walking, she seemed like the famous one the office or maybe she is the boss..hmmmm..I don't think so ,the boss can't be the one taking me to my work place
" This is your desk ,this is were u would be working , the door by your left is the boss's office " ... At least I know that she is not the boss I just wish my boss is a calm person
"Hope you memorized the documents I sent to u, it includes information abt your boss" she said
" Yes off course, I learnt it all" ...
"Good , and one more thing ,"
"What ma'am"
"Your boss is a hot tempered man" ..she came close and whispered into my ear " Get ready for fire " and she moved back and made a frightening grin " I have to get back to work Seraphina , have a nice day" and she waved then turned living me confused and a little frightened " she most be joking " I said with doubt, then I turned to my desk, sat on my chair.. so conformable, I looked at my desktop , it looked so brand new , I felt everything on my desk , they were so clean
" I can't believe I'm here, ... Hurrayyy!!!!'' Then I looked at my wristwatch " The boss would soon be here " I remembered Caro's words ,"I'm sure he would not be like that customer ...such a rude man , then I heard foot steps "Yup ... He is here " I breathed in" Let's do this" Up I stood with my hands at my back , I saw a man walking ahead of two men "That should be our boss" they approached nearer .." Wait a minute,.....what ... Who am I seeing, oh shit , damn it , My boss is the rude customer", and he was standing right in front of me
"Miss Seraphina " he called me with a smirk on His face, ...he knows me already, no wonder he made that annoying face when we met earlier on
"Yes sir" ....
"I'm sure u know who I am " ...oh please stop..
Stop trying to rub it to my face that u are my Boss
"Yes Mr Emilio" I had to put on a fake smile
"That's Good" he said with that annoying smirk
Urrrggghhhhh!!!!! So annoying
"Come to my office by 10, I have some documents I want you to compile " then he turned and had a conversation with two men that followed him, and they both left , then he turned and starred at me " What is he doing " making me feel uncomfortable
"What's the problem Seraphina, do u feel uncomfortable" he made that annoying smirk again, ahhhhgggh!!!! He is doing it purposely
"No ,Mr Emilio , I am perfectly fine " I put on a warm fake smile and starred back, it was like we where in a staring battle
"Good" he turned and headed to his office but he stopped at the door and looked at me
"I hate lazy people, I hate when one second of my time is wasted " then he made that annoying smile and entered his office
"Urggggghhhhh!!! Such a duck head"
*sighs* " caro was Right
To be continued...

Author: Iheme Seraphina


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