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Fight me and love me: Finale - "I would never leave you , I promise"....

1 month later

"This place is familiar", I was in a beautiful garden , I felt I've been here before, the breeze was so calm, it was just to peaceful, I touched the petals of the roses ,it was so fragile...." This place is beautiful ", then I laid on the soft smooth grass, and closed my eyes, then I felt a body beside me, I opened my eyes and turned my head, I saw Emilio ,his blues eyes were sparkling, he was so admirable, the breeze blew my hair over my face, he gently pushed my hair down
" Do you remember this place?, ....this is where we first met , you were lying down in this same spot when i approached you"......Emilio smiled
Then I remembered everything, Emilio was my perfect man, I touched his face , and looked into his eyes, but something weird happened, Emilio was fading away
"EMILIO, EMILIO!!!!!".... I was so scared he was totally gone, " Emilio!!! " I began to weep
I woke up immediately, but I couldn't move, every where practically had white painting, I noticed I was breathing through an oxygen supply, I was in the hospital,
"Why?" I questioned my self, then I had a flash back of the accident, when I remembered the force the care used to hit me, it made me cough really hard I didn't realize Emilio was there cause I couldn't feel my body, he woke up immediately, then he looked at me and Held my hands.
"Sssseraaaa, you're alive" his voice was shaky, tears dropped
"You look babyish when you cry" I managed to talk , I felt very tired. "Happy birthday Emilio, I'm sorry I couldn't get a gift for u"
He looked at me , then he started crying
"You, scared me sera, who the hell did this, I'm so happy you're alive, I was scared you were gonna leave me" he kept on crying , I wanted to hug him , but I couldn't move, maybe it's after effect of the accident
"I'm so sorry Emilio"... He stopped crying and kissed me
" Promise you would never leave me"...he sounded really serious
"I would never leave you , I promise"
He smiled and kissed me again....
"That's better,... Thelma just left , she had to go home cause Kelly and Kendra were in the house with someone else".
Someone came in , it was the doctor, he was looking at a book, then he looked up
" Miss Seraphina, You are finally awake, we thank God you didn't stay in coma for more than a month "......
I was surprised , 1 month!!!, I was asleep for one good month
" Mr Emilio, would you please excuse us , I would like to speak to her alone ".....
" OK, Doctor" he stood , looked at me and nodded his head ,like he was telling me he was still around, I smiled then he left
"Miss Sera, hw are u feeling?" The doctor asked
"Well, my head is really aching right now, and I feel really tired inside, but I can't move my body"... I stopped because the doctor's facial expression changed
" What's the problem doctor" I asked Worriedly but he didn't reply , he came closer and brought my leg out of the bed cover, then he took a pen fromm his pocket ,opened it and pierced it on my skin, I thought I was gonna scream but I didn't, it wasn't painful, I didn't even feel a thing
"Can u feel it?" He asked
"No"............. He took my arm , pulled up the hospital shirt I wore and pierced my skin with the pen
" Anything?? " he asked again
"No" I was worried, what's wrong with my body..
The doctor stepped back a bit
"The accident you had damaged the nerves responsible for feelings, making u to be nerveless".......
At first , I didn't understand
" doctor, I don't understand what you mean". He sighed
"I mean, you currently won't be able to walk or move at all, cause your body is still in shock, so u are paralyzed"....
The last word he said made me feel like a stone just dropped on my head, I started crying...
"I'm not gonna walk again????" I sniffed
"It's not permanent, i just don't know when you gonna move again , but I know that if you go for medical therapies , you are likely to get better faster".....
I was not even listening, the depression really hooked me down
" Emilio must not know about this", I told the doctor, the only person that's gonna know abt this is Thelma.
I was just to depressed , I was crying , my life was now useless, every thing was just frustrating.....
2 weeks later
It's been two weeks now, but there is no difference in my health, Emilio doesn't know abt the Disease, but he kept on visiting, he never missed a day , despite the work load he has, he still made out time to see, but I was not gonna continue our relationship
"Thelma, I want to travel out of this country, " I spoke to Thelma while she was combing my hair
"Why?" ..she looked at me, she was worried
"I don't want to be a burden to him", ....tears stated dropping
Thelma held my shoulder.
" Burden??, with the way I see it Emilio would never think you are burden to him ".....
" Thelma just do as I say, can't you just do me this favour? " ..
I was already crying, she hugged me and said yes , but she warned me that I would regret it later..
I was in the plane going to my aunt's place at Canada, I looked at the window
" Emilio should be reading the letter I wrote", I was so depressed, I began crying again, I was never going to see Emilio again ,
4 years later
"Aunt I'm going get some fresh air", I shouted in order for my aunt to hear me cause of noise made by the garden cutter
" OK" she yelled back..
It's been four years now I've been alone, because Emilio was not there, every night I would always think of him, his eyes, his body , his kiss, I missed every thing, the one person that made my life happy was not close to me , I was always depressed, I tried forgetting him but it was impossible.
The only thing that made me happy was that I was able to move again, I was able to work, no one helped me to bath, move , eat , I was back
"How much is it?" I stopped at a shop, where I saw a similar hair band Emilio gave me , bought Kendra loved it so much, I had to give it to her
"5 dollars ma'am " I really loved it, so I bought it and I was abt to pack my hair the wind came with full force and blew the band off my hand it landed at the back foot of a man , I rushed to go get it before he turned , the more I got closer to him , the more he looked familiar , I was finally close to him, his back looked exactly like Emilio's , I wanted to touch him but he was talking to someone
"It may not be him , i was just being delusional" ..... I gently bent and picked the band up, I didn't realize I touched His legs while I was getting up........
"I'm sorry ..I ..." Then I stopped talking, it was like the world stopped moving, my heart beat became slower......the man standing right in front of me, was Emilio , my perfect man, I was shocked, I couldn't speak, I froze , my eyes opened wider
"Sssseeeera is this a dream?" Emilio finally broke the silence , he came closer and held my hand, I was still in shock
"No it's not " he said with tears then he hugged me tightly
It was him , it was his warm body I was holding right , it was Emilio , I pulled back and looked at his eyes, then I busted into tears, I could not control my self
"I'm sorry Emilio, i'mmm really sorry" that's all I could say at that moment , I hugged him. I missed him so much , I just wanted to hold him like this forever
"Would you like some coffee ?" He asked... , he took me to his house
"Yes" ....I wanted to spend more time with him...
He went to the kitchen and came out with two cups
"Thank you". I took the coffee and seeped a little of it
" What brought you here?" I asked , I really wanted to know y he came here
He looked at me, then came closer and held my hands
" I came here because of you"
I wanted to cry out that moment but I held my tears back
"I kept on pestering Thelma to tell me where you were, she finally told me everything last week , the reason y you left
I understood everything but I was angry 'cause u thought wrongly, I would never leave you, we promised each other"
I could not hold my tears, it just came out like rain
" I'm so so so so sorry Emilio, I was just scared I was gonna be burden to you". I was weeping now , he lifted my head and cleaned my tears , he gazed at me
"It's okay, I love you sera"...
"I love you too Emilio", I sniffed
He touched my chicks, came closer and kissed me. I held his shoulders , I wanted more of him, I missed his lips, his hands went to my waste, I could feel his hands on my skin, then he carried me to the couch, I was in wonder land , he was kissing my neck, we wanted more than that, his hands were all over me , I wanted to continue, I wanted to make love with him, but I pulled back, i was breathing hard
Then he gave me this look , I could tell he was asking me what's wrong, I bit my lower lips and shook my My head, he understood, he knew I wanted sex after marriage, so he stood up from me and laid beside me, then he hugged me tightly on the couch
"Stay with me to night" he said
I gave him this worried look
"Don't worry , I won't do anything you don't want me to do" ...he grinned
I giggled a little, then I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes, my hands held his waist, I wanted everyday to always be like this
"I'm there already, but I can't see you"....
It was a Saturday morning, Emilio asked me to wait at a bus stop for him
" I'm almost there" Emilio said
I sat down on a bench , then a little girl came to me and gave me lovely flowers
I was surprised, then she said someone told her to give it to me, I looked round but no one was there, then she left
"That's weird " another child ran to me and gave me balloons, he said the same thing, I was scared now , was someone stalking ?
Then I saw a bus coming with a poster written clearly
my picture was on it, I felt my heart melted at that point, my phone rang, it was Emilio, I picked it up
"Sorry I came late" , he came down from the bus and walked towards me and knelt down
"Miss Seraphina Thomas, would you be my love forever?
Would you be the person that would stay next to me till I die?
Would you be the mother of my children
And finally ,would you be my wife"
I was already crying while he was talking, people were cheering, some were shouting say yes , I was busy Crying
"Yes yes yes yessssssss!!!!"
I knelt down and hugged him, and the crowd kept on cheering .....
50 years later
"Bye mom , bye dad " .....it was Christmas and the children came to visit us,
I had 4 children , 2 set of twins , they were all grown ups and married and they gave me beautiful granddaughters and sons
The house was so noisy and joyful anytime they all came home
After they all left , I sat outside and gazed at the moon, Emilio sat next to me and held my wrinkled palm , We were so old now
"You are always beautiful" he said
"With this wrinkled face!! " ....I said with my finger pointing at my face .....he laughed
"Yes, and I'll always love you "
I laid my head on his soft shoulder, it was no longer strong 'cause of old age
"I'll always be with you " I said, then he lifted my head up and kissed me..
I remembered when we first met, I never knew I would Fall in love with my rude boss, I never knew I would marry him, I never knew I would bear him children, I never knew I would grow old with him, but I thank God it all happened....
Thank you for reading. The story was written by a female friend of mine: Iheme Seraphina

Author: Iheme Seraphina
Add her on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iheme.seraphina.5?fref=search

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