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Fight me and Love me: chapter 6 - " Sera you like him and I can see it in your eyes..."

It was Saturday, I was arranging my scattered house when I heard a knock
"Who is there" I shouted from the kitchen, but there was no reply .. So i went to check, I looked through the window near the door.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" I screamed , it was my sister with my little nephew and niece (they are twins) , I rushed to open the door
"Thelmaaa!!!" I hugged her tightly," when did u come back," then I carried Kelly and Kendra at the same time, I kept on kissing them ,I missed them so much..
"U know u are gonna break ur hand if keep on carrying them both at the same time" .
She was right, I almost fell while dropping them, ..
"I missed u guys"....
" We missed u too aunt Sera"...Kendra said with her tiny cute voice ,I touched her nose, she was so cute, ...I forgot we were outside
"Oh my , pls come in " .. I opened the door wider for them to enter...
"I see you were cleaning up"... Thelma looked around
" Yeah, I had too much work through out the week ".... To much work I said...to much work drinking and kissing......shut up Sera
" That reminds me , hw is your new job? " she picked up the duster and started dusting the chairs,
"Job??.....well the job is okay"..
She turned and stared at me.....
" What??"..
She made a smirk "Your face is getting red, which means you are hiding something from me" ...
oh noo, y does she always get me, ....
"Hiding!!!....Nnn...nnno I'm not"...
I picked up a rag and went straight to the windows to prevent her questions, but she followed, now she's given me that naughty look "Stop lying Sera"....
" I'm not lying, urghh!". , she stared harder , her eyes were gonna make a hole on my face , now I was cleaning hard , my heart was beating fast , I couldn't hold it, I had to tell her the truth
"OK!!!!, FINE I'll TELL YOU!" I said it out loud
"Good girl" she laughed "I'm all ears".. I kept quiet, she gave me an annoying look like *I'm waiting, talk*, I sighed ..." It all started when........" I told her the whole story abt Emilio and I ..."and that's all that happened "
I finished the story but she was still staring
"What!!" ...
"You are not done with the story"
"Yes I am, there is nothing more"
"You forgot to tell me you like Emilio"she said
"WHAT!!! Like!!!...u most be kidding me"
I think my sister is not okay, how would she say I like my rude boss
"Look Thelma" I collected the duster from her hand "you just came back from your trip, I think u need some rest"....
" Sera you like him and I can see it in your eyes , you're just hiding it from yourself"... I ignored her ....."Oh well, I don't wanna hv a fight with you ,but time would come when u would tell me I was right" she smiled
"That time would never come sister, let's change the topic, what do you wanna eat?"
"Oh don't worry , we're taking our leave now ,my husband is probably waiting for us
" Y didn't he come here?'' I frowned , it's really unusual for Ryan not To come visit me
"Don't be angry, he was arrested by a close friend , so we left the boys to talk"
"Ohhhhh! No wonder, anyways my regards to Ryan " I went to get Kelly and Kendra, they both were engrossed in the TV 'cause they were watching their favorite cartoon Sponge bob. "Time to go my loves "....I turned off the TV...then they both looked at me
" Are we going now, aunt sera " Kelly said with his little cute voice
"Yes Kel, your dad is waiting for you guys " I touched his hair ...."I promise I would come visit you guys" I kissed them both and walked them to the door
"Oh I almost forgot".... Thelma brought out a card and gave me , I looked at it, it was invitation to a dance party , Friday night ...
" Ummmm...is it not meant for couples? "..I was confused
" Yes , remember Jenny "
"Jenny the all fashion girl ??"
"Yes, she gave us the invitation card just this afternoon, and I told her we can't come but my sister would come"
"Thelmaaa!!!" I stiffened my voice,.."You know I'm not dating anyone "
"I thought so but can't you go with Emilio" she grinned
"NO"......or can I ?....No way
" you know what, just keep it , I'll tell her the card went missing, or bring up any excuse"
She turned.... " Kelly and Kendra , give aunt Sera a kiss and enter the car"....they did that and Thelma hugged me and looked at me
Then she smiled and walked to her car , then she waved ,I waved back she entered her car and drove out, I was standing there thinking abt what she said "You like Emilio" it Kept on ringing in my ears , I covered my ears so hard...."I don't like Emilio, it's just a misunderstanding ".......I sighed and went inside
" Good Morning sir"..I stood up when I saw Emilio coming
He smiled " Morning, hw was your weekend "
"It was great Sir"... Mr Emilio is getting nicer by the day , makes me wonder, ...
" I hope you had a great weekend too sir"
He smiled again, my heart began to race , he was just too good looking
"It was splendid" then he walked to his door opened it, he looked at me and smiled again, I smiled back then he entered inside
"What's wrong with me, what's wrong with my heart , I think I need to see a doctor"
I sat down , I picked my bag up to take my handkerchief, then I felt a hard copy in my bag
"What's that ?" I brought it out, "Oh no, hw did this end here" it was the card Thelma gave me, ..."Maybe I should try asking Emilio " I thought
"No way bad idea"..... I was reading the contents on the card when the telephone rang, it was Emilio
" Seraphina bring the files sent from the administrative department "
"OK Sir", he cut the phone, I opened my locker and pulled out the administrative folder, I brought out the newest files and dropped them on my desk , I kept the folder back and picked the files up ,so I went to his door and knocked, as usual he answered immediately after a knock
" Come in"
I entered and closed the door
"These are the newest files , Caroline gave it to me on Monday " I handed it over to him, he looked at the First page, he faced me
"OK thank you" his concentration was more on the papers
I was abt leaving when said something that made me freeze,
"A dance party??"......huh??..wait a minute , did I.........oh no........
I turned back just to see him looking at the card," Oh damn it!!!!!" I was abt telling him it was a mistake when he said something that made me rethink
"I've always love dancing" he smiled,
"I loved dancing to make my mom laugh , sometimes I pretended to be her date, and we would dance all night, (he paused)....I miss the old days" he made a warm smile
Awwwnn, he danced with His mom, I danced a lot with my dad
"Well, would u like to go for the dance" ....
Did I just say that out loud, oh no,..
He looked at me his eyes were so innocent
"It's a couples night, I would love to go but.." He stopped.."but I'm single"
I was so happy he said that although I don't still get the feelings I have
"My sister gave me the card, I'm also single, she said I should take a friend,.......
Would u be my date on Friday night?"
This was so weird, it sounded like I was proposing to him......he was quiet,
He shouldn't dare say no, I can't be rejected
"I would be glad to be your date on Friday night".... Yipeeeee!! He said yes, I was so happy, I didn't realize my face turned red
" Wow" I looked up, I was surprised, y did he say wow
"U look pretty when ur chicks are red"
Oh my ,I held my face , I giggled a little
"Thank you ,I'll take my leave now ". He nodded , so I turned and opened The door and left
"He said I'm pretty " I was really blushing hard, ......."Stop this Sera, it's just a compliment "
I held my head and shook it hard
"Haaaaaa!!, anyways I've got to get a new dress before Friday"
I looked at the mirror, I've never been so beautiful except when I was nominated for prom Queen, this dress was the best I've ever worn, it's a red fitted sleeveless gown with small gold beads around the neck line and a little slit at the left end of the dress ,I curled my hair and used my mums clip to clip my hair up leaving some of it to drop in front , my phone rang ,it was him, I picked it up "hello ,..Emilio" I called him Emilio, hope he won't mind
"Hey dear , ummmm....I'm at your door"...
Already?? He came early, I ran to check from my window, he was standing right there
" ummm.. I came early right? "
"Huh?..oh no u didn't" ...I rushed to get my purse , sprayed my perf, almost quarter of it, thank God I did my make up ,I was ready
"I'm coming out now ", I said on the phone
" OK ", he said and cut his phone
I took in deep breaths
" Calm down Sera, it's just a dance" I opened the door and there he was, he wore a cooperate shirt with a black fitted suit trouser , he was really gorgeous
"You look beautiful".
" Thank you, .....My my who's this handsome man standing in front of me "
He giggled, and brought his hand out
"Shall we?"
I held his hand "Yes we shall" he took me to the car , and we drove off
"You are a good dancer" I shouted
So he could hear me, the music was loud
"Thanks for the compliment " ...then the music stopped...
"Sorry guys , we are done with hip hop, now we want the couples to be on their feet cause we going into slow motion".. some guy said with the mic , then the music began again but it was a slower music, Emilio brought out his hands , I held it then he came closer to me and gently slipped his hand from the left side of my waste to the right side ,I felt a little bit frightened, the only man that held my waste was my dad, and this man Emilio, my hand went to his shoulders now we were both left with one hand , he lifted his up and I raised mine too then he held my palm with his palm although my fingers were smaller, ... I tried avoiding eye contacts, but he looked straight into my eyes, At that moment I could no longer lie to myself, Thelma was right , I not only liked Emilio, I was in Love with Emilio, I rested my head on his chest , I wanted to think , but his heart was racing too, does he feel the same way I feel, or is it mixed feelings, *sighs*......
He stopped moving, ..why did he stop , what's wrong ,did i step on him or something
I looked at him, we looked at each other, then he came closer,and kissed me , yes he likes me too, people were clapping but we did not care , I was lost in his lips , his two hands were now on my waist , my two hands were on his shoulders, I did not care if any one was looking I just wanted to hold him...
To be continued...

Author: Iheme Seraphina


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