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+18. "Celebrity Dat every Guys Licks and Fuck just for free" - UI Medicine and Surgery graduate trash UNILAG aspirant

A Facebook user (name withheld) took to Facebook to aim fresh raunchy sexual jibes at a young UNILAG aspirant. According to her, the aspirant accused her of false allegations but she couldn't just hold back her anger and decided to blast the aspirant with an almighty sagacious labasctiallical. LOL!

*See post below:
Eva is a Public Dog Celebrity Dat every Guys Licks and Fucks Just For free.....
If You Choose yes, say yes
If you Choose No, say no
Besides the Essence of This Post is dat am trying to warn Eva, in Your Entire life, Pls stay on your lane, if you don't want to get burnt , I am not a troublesome person, I walk on my lane, Pls Eva don't Fuck with me and also don't go around posting false stories about me, I don't know you, we havent met before, I'm not your mate, not in your category, you not up to my standard, I'm different from smellos like you, I'm a graduate of Med and surg from Ui the greatest, So plz I hope you can see dat differences, I'm not a prostitute like you, ain't a bitch like you, I'm a virgin, so plz don't overstep your Boundary, Haters Fuck off, it's Vee money, Plz respect and One love...im a serving Corp member of Ebonyi, Stream 2 Batch B about to finish my service, so don't Fuck with me,......?!!!!!!!!
Niggas dat love me, hope I killed it...
Admin you have a lot of Work to do, first delete bitches like Eva and other Inclusive bitches like her Pls, Becos dese group is Drawing back from its normal Reason of Creation ....if you guys keep up like dis, Admission is never coming..... K take dis as a piece of Advice Admin and others.... I love my Niggas Edith, Cleo LA coll, Bayo, love y'all, keep loving me..... I rest my Case,, I'm out..... ,I'm Cool, Niggas stay cool.. See y'all....
,Your sincerely Humbly only One Mariam Oluwabukolami Ajao.... Goodbye
,No more Beefs Niggas...... A word is Enough for those who are wise like me, y'all understand.....
??!!!!!!!! Good day ....#####..!!!!!////!!!!

If this is how are next doctors and surgeons are, I think the grace if God is sufficient for us, we don't need them anymore.**


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