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So hilarious!!! 15 things you can say during s*x and at a funeral

**It's very very...very rare to hear "sex" and "funeral" at the same time so we just never wandered what we can say when we are having s*x and also at a funeral.**
But you know how jobless people get, we start imagining crazy unrealistic nonsenses and end up making the internet so much fun. Here is an awkwardly hilarious list of things you can say during s*x and at a funeral:

1. It's dry (damn!)

2. He looks stiff

Why now???

3. Thank you for coming (Savage)

You are very welcome

4. Bury it deep (the 'D' or the coffin?)

I am the KING of burying things

5. Ooohh Lawd

Too good!

6. The pit is not wide enough


7. It was the second stroke that did it

So sad

8. He didn't last long

And he said I was old

9. You just going to lay there? (WTF!)

I've tried my best
10. Just do the do and bury my thing
in peace


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