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10 ways to look 10 years younger

You may not be able to foil mother nature but you can certainly learn her trade; secrets to beauty and longevity. Health experts agree that a well-rested, fit and fueled body will withstand the test of time. So rediscover your youth with these useful tips:

Get proper rest: Most people require about 8 hours of sleep a night but few get it. The sad truth is that this who don't nay be hacking years of their lives. To look younger and avoid wrinkles, you must get adequate sleep. "People who sleep better live longer" says Dr. Alex Clerk.

Get physical: An exercise routine which includes aerobics, walking or other fitness activities can make you look younger and healthier. It also improves posture and ward of Osteoporosis

Eat early: To boost your metabolism, eat often and eat a healthy valance of carbohydrates and proteins to look younger and healthier. "You can't be young and beautiful without getting protein balanced with carbohydrates evenly spread through out the day," says nutritionist Pamela Smith. This helps the body to look healthier and younger.

Drink eight glasses of water daily: Water provides people with smooth, resilient skin that gas definition. So doing this doesn't just make your skin look younger but also makes you healthier.

Avoid constant stress: We function in part, due to stress. But when stress us constant and unrelenting, it reacts negatively on the immune system, making the body vulnerable to disease and age more quickly. Therefore, you don't look healthy or younger. The goal is not to avoid stress but to learn better ways of managing it.

Slow down, meditate and relax: Once or twice a dat, fins a quiet place to sit still and ficus on your breathing. This helps to slow the autonomic nervous system and help look younger and healthier.

Release your emotions: With a good laugh or good cry, you cab release your emotion. Physiologically, those actions release chemicals in the Brain that creates a sense if well-being and act as a cathartic, or cleansing mechanism to make the body look healthier and 10 years younger.

Pamper yourself: Get a new haircut or a new hairdo. But a new dress, new comb, or shirt.  Spoil yourself a little and enjoy nice warm baths.

Pamper your skin: We previously talked about pampering yourself, now it's time to pamper your skin. Keep your doin moisturized and out if the sun because even though darker skin have natural sun screening capabilities, excessive exposure to rays can lead to wrinkling and premature aging.

Break with old routines and start a new one: Start a new hobby, Be spontaneous, be adventurous, explore. This develops the mind and body thereby helping you look stronger,healthier and younger.

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