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3 reasons why Olamide is actually better than WizKid and Davido

Olamide better than Davido and wizkid

Starboy and O.B.O have been playing the Game of Thrones for sometime now but we all know that nobody sits on that throne until they produce a song as good as 2face's African Queen . While they have been busy trying to make international fame, there's a colleague of theirs who is getting much more love everyday for being at home. Olamide "Baddo" Adedeji has won the hearts of many Nigerians since his debut single "eni duro". Many people have made Wizkid undisputed because of his recentbrise to international fame. While Davido has been adored because of his latest hit singles " Fall" and "If". What many people have failed to see is that Olamide is unarguably the only " Baddest Starboy" in the game. It's not about international fame, what matters is how you capture the hearts of your fans...which Olamide has been doing for a while now.  We have come to conclude that Baddo is the best because of this reasons:

1. Consistency: Based on facts, the number of albums Olamide has released is a combination of Wizkid's total albums (4) and Davido's (2). He did not just release the albums for the sake of releasing an album, he also made at least 3 hits on each album. His most intriguing album, Eyan Mayweather is indisputably the best album released in 2015 with a massive total of 5 hit tracks on the album (Bobo, Melo melo, Lagos Boys, Don't stop, eyan May weather) but the best part is the fact that Badoo did not feature any artiste on the album. It was a solo project which was well executed. 

2. Style: Forget the ponpon sound, Olamide's style and versatility is flawless. Take a few seconds to compare some of his hits and you can easily conclude that they are of different  styles/patterns. Songs like who u epp, pepper dem gang, melo melo, anifowoshe, voice of the street etc all have different styles but made waves across the country. The most mind blowing proof of his versatility is in a song from his eyan mayweather album "say something". The song could have gained more publicity if it had a good hype, like seriously, Olamide mixed Yoruba, pidgin, Hausa and English in one song. #PureTalent. Unlike Davido whose latest hits are of same style. E.g Damuduro, Ekuro, Gone, skelewu, One of a kind, aye...they are all good upbeat songs but I think a bit of versatility will boost his career further. He took the advice and created " IF". I loved this song until he created "FALL", then I felt like he was out of stuffs. He could have just used a different pattern. 
The starboy also had a change of style but I think we might find it hard to admit that it's a negative change but it's the plain truth. Like seriously, would you rather listen to " come closer" or "Daddy yo" instead of "Joy" or "Pakurumo". Let's be sincere, we all love that Wizkid is making it Internationally but are we really enjoying his songs since he dropped" Ojuelegba". The feeling I get whenever I listen to that song ehn!...I can't explaaaaaiiiinnnn!!! I think it is safe to say Wizkid songs oy gained attention because of the big names around it. Would you ever download "Daddy yo" if it was sung by an upcoming artiste???......no right. 

3. Naturality: Finally, the main reason why Olamide can be said to be indisputable is his NATURALITY. We can all agree that Olamide is the most Natural of the three artistes. The indigenous rapper never forgets to come back home in his song. A notable proof is his line in "The money"...." Dakun jooor so Yoruba make them no go forget say Baddo na Baba". This line was after Olamide finished spitting in English, he then decided to go back to where he belongs. While Wizkid is busy abroad and Davido is currently abroad and home, Olamide keeps himself at home to feed the fans. International recognition...shey iyen ni mama mi ma je (is my mother going to eat international recognition). From Olamide's "Prayer for Client". 

I think we can all agree that our artistes need to stay home or remember where they come from when they are abroad.

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